CD Review – Lamb of God (2020)

After two full listens through all of the tracks on Lamb of God’s self-titled 10th studio album it is apparent to me the band continues to solidify their footing atop The New Wave of American Metal. In this day and age where bands pre-release songs off of upcoming albums we were treated to four singles ahead of the release and it gave me a good idea of what I was in for once I got my hands upon the full release. Not only is Lamb of God doing what they do best on here, I think that they have taken their sound and musical technicality to a fine edge.

This release has the expected merciless bone-rattling metal grooves and crushing double bass drum hits throughout each track. Vocalist Randy Blythe is ferocious with his unique delivery – self-described in his book (Dark Days: A Memoir[1]) Randy says “I’m really good at screaming rhythmically like some sort of terribly wounded, very angry mountain ape, and I can do this night after night without losing my voice”. Guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler continue to pummel your ears and neck with those crunchy heavy riffs that subconsciously had me headbang while sitting at my desk as I write this. Bassist John Campbell and drummer Art Cruz lay the foundation down for the rest of the band to make each song musically complete. This album features guest vocalists on two songs with Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and his also unique vocal delivery on “Poison Dream” and the legendary Chuck Billy of Testament on “Routes”.

This is a solid and kick-ass album from one of my all-time favorite bands. Every track hits and hits hard. Your neck is sure to take a pounding by the time you get through to the last note on the last track and I am sure you will be soon hitting that replay button for another listen. This is an album for both longtime fans of Lamb of God and those who may be just discovering the band. For me, this new release will for sure be on continual replay rotation in my car for quite some time.

With my Horns Raised, I highly recommend giving the new Lamb of God album a chance to blow you away as it did me.


Lamb of God is:
John Campbell – bass
Randy Blythe – vocals
Mark Morton – lead guitar
Willie Adler – rhythm guitar
Art Cruz – drums

Lamb of God by Lamb of God track listing:
1.            “Memento Mori”
2.            “Checkmate”
3.            “Gears”
4.            “Reality Bath”
5.            “New Colossal Hate”
6.            “Resurrection Man”
7.            “Poison Dream” (featuring Jamey Jasta)
8.            “Routes” (featuring Chuck Billy)
9.            “Bloodshot Eyes”
10.          “On the Hook”


[1] Dark Days: A Memoir / D. Randall Blythe / Da Capo Press